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Fischer, T., Hartmann, O., Reissland, M., Prieto-Garcia, C., Klann, K., Pahor, N., Schulein-Volk, C., Baluapuri, A., Polat, B., Abazari, A., Gerhard-Hartmann, E., Kopp, H. G., Essmann, F., Rosenfeldt, M., Munch, C., Flentje, M. & Diefenbacher, M. E. (2022) PTEN mutant non-small cell lung cancer require ATM to suppress pro-apoptotic signalling and evade radiotherapy, Cell Biosci. 12, 50.                                                                                           

Prieto-Garcia, C., Hartmann, O., Reissland, M., Braun, F., Bozkurt, S., Pahor, N., Fuss, C., Schirbel, A., Schulein-Volk, C., Buchberger, A., Calzado Canale, M. A., Rosenfeldt, M., Dikic, I., Munch, C. & Diefenbacher, M. E. (2022) USP28 enables oncogenic transformation of respiratory cells, and its inhibition potentiates molecular therapy targeting mutant EGFR, BRAF and PI3K, Mol Oncol.                                                                                            

Mainz, L., Sarhan, M. A. F. E., Roth, S., Sauer, U., Maurus, K., Hartmann, E. M., Seibert, H.-D., Rosenwald, A., Diefenbacher, M. E. & Rosenfeldt, M. T. (2022) Autophagy Blockage Reduces the Incidence of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma in the Context of Mutant Trp53, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 10.

Mainz, L., Sarhan, M., Roth, S., Sauer, U., Kalogirou, C., Eckstein, M., Gerhard-Hartmann, E., Seibert, H. D., Voelker, H. U., Geppert, C., Rosenwald, A., Eilers, M., Schulze, A., Diefenbacher, M. & Rosenfeldt, M. T. (2022) Acute systemic knockdown of Atg7 is lethal and causes pancreatic destruction in shRNA transgenic mice, Autophagy, 1-14.

Ruiz, E. J., Lan, L., Diefenbacher, M. E., Riising, E. M., Da Costa, C., Chakraborty, A., Hoeck, J. D., Spencer-Dene, B., Kelly, G., David, J. P., Nye, E., Downward, J. & Behrens, A. (2021) JunD, not c-Jun, is the AP-1 transcription factor required for Ras-induced lung cancer, JCI Insight. 6.
Prieto-Garcia, C., Tomašković, I., Shah, V. J., Dikic, I. & Diefenbacher, M. (2021) USP28: Oncogene or Tumor Suppressor? A Unifying Paradigm for Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Cells. 10, 2652.

Prieto-Garcia, C., Hartmann, O., Reissland, M., Fischer, T., Maier, C. R., Rosenfeldt, M., Schulein-Volk, C., Klann, K., Kalb, R., Dikic, I., Munch, C. & Diefenbacher, M. E. (2021) Inhibition of USP28 overcomes Cisplatin-resistance of squamous tumors by suppression of the Fanconi anemia pathway, Cell Death Differ.

Meir, M., Kannapin, F., Diefenbacher, M., Ghoreishi, Y., Kollmann, C., Flemming, S., Germer, C. T., Waschke, J., Leven, P., Schneider, R., Wehner, S., Burkard, N. & Schlegel, N. (2021) Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Maturation by Enteric Glial Cells Is GDNF-Dependent, Int J Mol Sci. 22.

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Denk, S., Schmidt, S., Schurr, Y., Schwarz, G., Schote, F., Diefenbacher, M., Armendariz, C., Dejure, F., Eilers, M. & Wiegering, A. (2021) CIP2A regulates MYC translation (via its 5'UTR) in colorectal cancer, Int J Colorectal Dis. 36, 911-918.
Bauer, B., Liedtke, D., Jarzina, S., Stammler, E., Kreisel, K., Lalomia, V., Diefenbacher, M., Klopocki, E. & Mally, A. (2021) Exploration of zebrafish larvae as an alternative whole-animal model for nephrotoxicity testing, Toxicol Lett. 344, 69-81.

Prieto-Garcia, C., Hartmann, O., Reissland, M., Braun, F., Fischer, T., Walz, S., Schulein-Volk, C., Eilers, U., Ade, C. P., Calzado, M. A., Orian, A., Maric, H. M., Munch, C., Rosenfeldt, M., Eilers, M. & Diefenbacher, M. E. (2020) Maintaining protein stability of Np63 via USP28 is required by squamous cancer cells, EMBO Mol Med. 12, e11101.

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